Friday, May 29, 2015

Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus?  This might be the most researched question in history.  Jesus is THE central figure of history.  Weather you believe in Him or not, no one can deny that this man had a bigger impact on humanity than any other person in history.  But lets go to the primary sources: the eyewitnesses of(...)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Who is God the Father?

When Christians say God many times they are referring to God The Father .  However, since He is part of the Trinity, He is only one of thee equal persons who we can call God .  For the rest of this post, when I say God I will be talking about God The Father . How is God(...)

Who is God the Father? - Soul Winning Students

God the Father; He is a mysterious figure. But while He is different from Jesus and the Holy Spirit, God the father loves you, and wants you to know Him.

Saturday, November 16, 2013


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Sunday, October 27, 2013


One of my favorite methods of evangelism is sending gospel tracts in the mail.  You may be thinking, "Doesn't that get expensive?" Nope.  In fact it doesn't cost me a dime.  Something that is great to do is to look for mail that has this kind of envelope in it.

The key thing you are looking for is the "No postage necessary if mailed in the united states" in the upper right hand corner.  If the envelope has that on it, you can just put a gospel tract in it, seal it and put it in the outgoing mail.

The person who opens it on the other side will get a gospel tract in a very surprising setting.  Just imagine how monotonus the day is for the person on the other side of this.  They spend thier day opening envelope after envelops with the same boring information.  Then YOUR envelope comes along.  Instead of a credit card application, it has a gospel tract inside and you have just planted a gospel seed.  You can also do this with any letters you send out to pay bills or any other letter for that matter.  It is so simple.  You don't even have to talk to anyone.  Just insert a gospel tract and you are good to go

Monday, October 21, 2013

"...I Just Believe in One Less God..."

Definition of "atheist": one who believes that there is no deity

Sometimes you will get atheists, who will say something like "We are both atheists.  I just believe in one less god than you".  The problem with this is that the person either does not understand the definition of an atheist, or is twisting the definition to create an illusion in closeness of position.

An atheist believes that an entire category, or type, of thing(s) does not exist (in this case God/deity) .  A theist (someone who DOES believe in a god in one form or another) is someone who DOES believe that category of thing(s) does in fact exist.  This is a huge separation.  It would be like someone saying "We are both A-Universists (Someone who does not believe in the existence of the universe).  I just happen to believe in one less universe than you."  It's an entire category that one person accepts and one denies.  The attempt is to create an illusion of closeness in position, when the fact of the matter is that the theist and atheists are on completely opposite sides of this issue.

The next time an atheist tries to use this line on you, flip the statement on it's head and say something like "We are both theists, I just believe in one more God".  By doing this, you will show him how silly this statement is to having a real conversation about God. 

Don't let the atheist use this shallow, and frankly, lame, phrase against you.  Put them in their place and make them recognize that you are worlds (realities?) apart and that saying things like this does not further their case for a creator-less creation.  Theists do have a responsibility to defend their position (1 Peter 3:15), but the atheists are just as obligated to put forth arguments for their positions, which, in my view, ultimately fail.